Chair massage is a great way to incorporate a sense of wellness in a high-stress, fast-paced environment.  While everyone is more conscious of his or her physical state, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the effects of massage.  By incorporating on-site massage therapy into your event, party, corporate meeting, office setting, or health fair you can promote wellness among those who mean a great deal to you.  Clients, employees, friends, or anyone you give this gift to will not be disappointed and will remember you.  Mobile massage can bring the immediate effects of massage, right to you.

Med Spa Therapy focuses strictly on providing the best and brightest chair massages in the business. This is our specialty and we’re pretty good at it!


Chair massage provides a convenient and effective way to:

Reduce stress levels

Promote blood flow to high tension areas

Provide healthy mental stimulation

Target repetitive stress injuries

Increase production

Implement carpal tunnel prevention program

Reduce sick time

Provide an environmentally friendly and positive service