Chair Massage

We take care of your most valuable resources

More and more companies are turning to MedSpa Therapy, LLC on-site chair massage therapy as a preventative measure for their employees – with a high return on investment.

Chair massage takes as little as 10 minutes, requires no learning time for employees and no additional supplies from employers. The result? Increased productivity and improved office morale. Stronger health and well-being. Lower workers’ compensation claims and health care costs. Reduced employee sick days. The bottom line? A huge return on investment (ROI). When employees are thriving, business thrives too.

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Chair Massage Menu:


Mini Retreat:

30 minutes for $30.00

Upper & Lower Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands


Stress Relief:

20 minutes for $25.00
Back, Neck, and Shoulders


Quick Relief:

10 minutes for $15.00
Neck and Shoulders


Foot Massages:

10 minutes for $20.00
Calves and Feet